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GOD & I- with Cornelius Avornyo

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Many so called intellectuals regularly laugh at the very idea of FAITH. They claim they find it quiet hard to accept that humans with well-developed mental faculties will live by something called FAITH. To them the whole idea is so ridiculous. Some of them even suggest that to pray to ‘a God’ is as stupid as talking to one’s shadow and expecting a response. Sadly many Christians who believe in God or have faith in the existence of God tend to live in shame or try to hide their beliefs.

Well, that will probably be the case until you subject the behaviour of the mockers to some analyses. These same people who claim the idea of faith is a foolish one, are regularly seen living by and walking in the very principles of faith. In fact, a careful look will reveal they even have the greatest faith of all! Let’s consider the following actions they take on a daily basis though they have no assurances of safety.

An unbelieving mocker of faith, leaves home in the morning and boards a vehicle without asking questions about the safety records of that vehicle, trusting he or she will get to the destination safely. This ‘unbeliever’ then reports for work in a building he or she did not construct or has any means of knowing of its safety level. Then at lunch orders a meal from a canteen and gladly devours this meal without an assurance that he or she will live after eating this meal. This same person regularly lives in a house with no assurance that this house will not cave in on him or her. Then he or she drinks bottled or sachet water without any personal verification test of the purity level.

What about the probability that the taxi you just took might crush and end your life? Would you still board it if you had foreknowledge or you just ‘trust’ that you will always arrive safely? What about that next meal you will be having? Have you checked for food poisoning or someway somehow you just know that as always nothing bad will happen to you?

On a daily basis every single one of us expresses a measure of FAITH by going about our lives without much worry about the possible dangers associated with stepping out. The very rooms in which we sleep have the capability to cave in on us and end our lives. Yet we sleep comfortably in them trusting that nothing will happen to us. We take several journeys across town and beyond town in cars we did not manufacture and yet still go ahead to board them because we trust that we will arrive safely. That is FAITH and the apostle Paul is right when he wrote in Romans 12:3 that God has given to every person a measure of FAITH. So next time you see someone praying to God or exercising some conscious faith, know that he or she is merely amplifying what we have all been practicing or living by, whether we are active believers or not.

In Hebrews 11:1 God speaks to us further that FAITH is THE SUBSTANCE of things hoped for and THE EVIDENCE of things not seen. Beloved please take some time off to read and meditate on the entire chapter of Hebrews 11. May the good lord Himself enlighten your heart by His precious Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

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